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Bridging The Gap for Veterans Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization led by military veterans who fully understand the career transition experience. We establish relationships with C-level executives, human resource professionals, hiring managers and marketing directors to open career doors for the military community.

We are Military Career Transition Coaches providing the tactics, techniques and procedures ensuring a successful transition. Our Top Gun-IGNITE Your Future and Speed Interviewing program provides preferential hiring treatment, allowing all veterans and family members the opportunity to interview directly with corporate America. 

We know how tough it is to make employer contact and secure an interview using job boards and employer websites. Bridging the Gap can help you open career doors so you are successful.   

speed interview
Speed Interviewing with Employers and Veterans

Bridging The Gap in JerseyMan Magazine

Searching for a job or identifying a career path can prove daunting, especially in a world where face-to-face contact often takes a back seat to automation. Resumes and professional inquiries sent via e-mail and online are frequently lost in the shuffle.

Jersey Man Magazine
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Veteran Friendly Alliances

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Champion Specialty Services Provider


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Green Castle


Merendino Cemetery Care



Protection USA

RCC Railroad Construction Company

Rosso Financial Group


Suiting Warriors

The Protocall Group


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