Successful Career Transition

military-to-civilianTransitioning from a military career to the civilian workforce is very difficult given the national unemployment average of over 8 million people out of work. Out of that average, over 450,000 people are veterans.

Submitting résumés to online job postings, recruiting and staffing companies, responding to newspapers advertisements or attending career job fairs is very competitive and can be extremely daunting or intimidating.

In today’s job market, military veterans must leverage their professional networks to obtain the competitive edge and distinguished treatment needed to obtain a solid career. BTG wants to be your competitive advantage and part of your career network.

The only investment we ask veterans is your patience, flexibility and honesty. There are no hidden costs associated with using BTG’s services. We strategically partner with veteran-friendly employers, allowing this program to be 100% FREE.

BTG was created to serve the greatest client – all military veterans and their family members. It was established to make a nationwide difference, offering help to those military veterans and their spouses in finding their career dreams and reaching their career aspirations.

Let us be your Chief Door Opener during your career transition.