3-Step Career Discovery Path

gears_career_action_plan_blue1.) Career Self Assessment
Our BTG Career Advisors will help you identify your career goals by first performing a self assessment to understand your personality traits. We will use a variety of self assessment tools to narrow down your career interests. The results of the Career Self Assessments are used to help validate your goals about a specific career aspiration.

2.) Action Plan
Next, our BTG Career Advisors will help you develop a career action plan to achieve your goals. We will provide you career coaching and counseling, designed to help create a timeline and career options so you can be successful.

3.) Career Exploration
Finally, we will explore occupations and match your goals to veteran friendly employers. During this step, you will be provided an opportunity to see if your career goal is right for you or if you should look at other careers. You will build professional relationships in this step towards your goal. BTG Career Advisors will provide unique consulting designed to assist you in making the right career decision – a decision that meets your desired interests, skill-set and personality.