Resume Considerations and Tips

There are many different ways to develop your resume. There is no right or wrong way on what your resume should look like but there are key things that should be on it like your name, your contact information, your qualifications, and experience. But in terms of design there is no set rules.

To make the process easier on you, we wanted to offer some considerations and tips on making your resume.

The resume should follow this template:

  • 2 pages maximum and margins no less than 0.5 inches
  • Professional experience in bold
  • Name in large font and bold
  • Military branch served in bold
  • Bullet formation- 2 lines maximum

Some information that you will want to include:

  • Include your address or LinkedIn profile
  • Specific career positions identified
  • F.I.R.E accomplishments separated by business and technical categories
  • Show case 3 or less accomplishments in bullet format
  • Showcase unique training, certificates, or education directly supporting your career
  • Include board roles or related extra curricular activities