Lisa Regina, Career Advisor & Coach

Lisa Regina has worked as a professional actress and acting coach in New York City for over 28 years. As an actress, Lisa has appeared in films and TV series such as The Sopranos, All My Children and national commercial campaigns for Delta Sky Miles, K-Mart and Macy’s. Lisa was the on-air host for the 2010 Maxwell Football Awards. Lisa plays “Vera” in the feature film, 79 Parts, winner of the Audience Choice Award.

Lisa studied at New York University in the School of Educational Theatre and studied film production and screenwriting at NYU’s Tisch School for the Performing Arts. Lisa formerly taught at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. Today, Lisa coaches actors in television and film acting in her New York City and southern New Jersey studios. Lisa works closely with industry professionals and she is often contacted directly by New York City’s finest film schools, casting directors and agents for student referrals.

Lisa has coached her actors on film sets and alongside A-list actors such as, Robert DeNiro, Matt Damon and Joe Pesce. Some of Lisa’s students success stories include Jaden Michael in Blue Bloods, Michael Mazzeo in GEICO’S Marco Polo, MarissaAnn Rizzitello in The Voice, Cameron Ocasio in Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat, Vinny Vella Jr. in Analyze This, Jimmy Marchese in The Good Shepherd and many more. Lisa’s coaching was also featured on BRAVO’s hit series The Real Housewives of NJ as she coached Theresa Guidice’s daughter Gia, for a major motion picture audition.

She has a passion and love to serve our military community through her film productions. Presently, Lisa is writing and producing Heroic Episodes and The Shades, an official selection of the Cinequest Film Festival and Berlin Lift-Off. The project’s cast and crew consist of military Veterans, working as consultants and actors. Over the last 5 years, Lisa has interviewed hundreds of military Veterans to form the Heroic Episodes script. Heroic Episodes provides a platform for all Veterans to share their stories, offering a universal message of hope and healing.

Lisa founded a domestic violence non-profit 501C3 organization called A Write to Heal, Inc. and presents as an international keynote speaker. Some engagements include the YWCA Washington, D.C. and the Zurich, Switzerland Women’s World Council.