Harris Kline, Senior Career Transition Coach, USAF Brigadier General Retired

As Senior Career Transition Coach for Bridging The Gap, LLC, USAF Brigadier General (Retired) Harris Jay Kline identifies and explores occupations in high demand in the labor market, educational pathways, and overall career assessment in relationship to personal skills, interests and values and the alignment with occupational opportunities for our skilled veterans and military spouses.

While on active duty, General Kline helped close Clark AB under pressure from a live volcano and personally practiced before Filipino judges, securing the release of 63 U.S. servicemen on international hold for which he won the ABA’s Distinguished Service Award. He was also instrumental in planning the first International Latin American Conference in Panama, attended by dignitaries from over 15 nations.

Among his many accomplishments as an IMA, General Kline created, established and supervised the first program geared to support of families of deployed reservists which was adopted by the Army and Navy as well. Called overseas to support Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR, he saved the U.S. government over $1 million by resolving a contract dispute with German hotels over the bed down of contingency forces and was key in establishing humanitarian efforts for Bosnian children. General Kline spearheaded the legal effort to repatriate 1900 evacuees from Lebanon in the wake of hostilities and provided legal support to the massive tsunami relief efforts in Thailand. In Alaska, he flawlessly led the commander thru real world NORAD crisis response to Russian bombers in US airspace. In Turkey, he secured the release of an Airman stubbornly held in Turkish prison- winning high praises from the Secretary of Defense. Recently, he was selected by the United Nations to lead a team into the Congo to teach the Rule of Law to their national armed forces and did so in their native French.

General Kline is retired from the service and works with United Airlines based out of JFK Airport. He is married to the former Trudy Schonfeld, financial manager for a major Wall Street research firm.