Gary Rich, Senior Career Transition Coach

Gary Rich is a Senior Career Transition Consultant with significant expertise in implementing innovative strategies to help individuals find their natural skills, abilities and understand how this can lead to a great career path ahead. His experience as a teacher, business owner, technology consultant and politician has established him with excellent communication skills and the ability to make a difference within the military community. As the father of an Army Soldier who deployed many times, he knows first-hand the career transition challenges facing our Veterans leaving the military service. With his entrepreneurial desires, Gary created The Rich Success Academy with the KEM Advantage platform designed to help all military veterans know how to market themselves with success during their career transition. 

Gary earned a BS from St. Peter’s University with a BA in Elementary Education/History. He resides in Springlake, New Jersey where he and his wife have raised their family for many years.  Gary is a frequent radio guest on 1210 AM Saturday Night Live with Philly Labor discussing career transition solutions.