BTG Career Transition & Resource Center

The Covid 19 Virus has caused tremendous employment challenges for the nation unemployed.  A Call to Action is needed immediately to help in the recovery.  Bridging the Gap is ready to do our part!  

Transitioning from a military career to the civilian workforce during this timeframe is extremely difficult for veterans given the national unemployment average will reach record levels. 

Submitting résumés to online job postings, recruiting and staffing companies, responding to media advertisements or attending career job fairs is very competitive.

Our Monmouth County Office located in Wall, New Jersey, hosts our BTG Veteran Career Transition & Resource Center dedicated to your success:

  • Learn how to FIRE Proof your Resume to get corporate doors opened.   Bridging the Gap provides FREE Resume Writing, Reviewing and Revisions
  • Weekly scheduled Career Interviews onsite with Veteran Friendly and Hiring Corporations
  • Learn Career Tactics, Techniques and Procedures that can open career doors
  • Update your LinkedIn Profile mastered by professionals who understand military transition
  • Free Career Assessments and Exams to focus your career desires.
  • Learn how to Brand yourself using Social Media tips
  • Host strategic tips on how to effectively work a Job Fair before, during and after to achieve success
  • Seminars by Homes for Heroes on rebates for buying and selling homes
  • Host Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) Veterans Launching Ventures Entrepreneurial Program
  • Veteran Financial Counseling & Advisement
  • Unlimited professional networking opportunities

BTG is established to serve the greatest client… all military veterans and their family members. We are built to make a nationwide difference, offering help to those military veterans and their spouses in finding their career dreams and aspirations.