Career Fair & Networking Event Tips

Career Fairs and Networking Events can be intimidating if you are not prepared. We have our best tips for preparation for before, during, and after the events. If you follow our tactics you will breeze through and come off as a professional.

Preparation Before:

  • Research

Research the companies that will be attending the event so you have prior knowledge of what they are looking for and what their company is about.

  • Job Applications

If you know the companies that will be there and they have job openings already listed you can apply ahead of time. When you get to the event you can mention that you have applied and give them your business card/resume.

  • Dress for success

Just like for an interview, you should be groomed and dressed professionally

  • Resume copies

You will want to bring at least 5 copies of your resume because you will be giving them to companies you want to work for. You will not want to run out the day of the event.

  • Business Cards

You may want to have business cards ready for the event because they are easy to carry and hand to people.


During Event:

  • Firm Handshake and First Impressions

A firm handshake is key when meeting new people especially for a good impression. The first impression is a lasting one so make it good. Your 30-second commercial (blog post in Interview Skills) will come in handy for your first impression.

  • Smile

Smile when saying hello to everyone. You never know if the person you talk to at the water fountain is the person you will be speaking with at your top company.


After the event: 

  • Thank you

Write a hand written thank you card to the person you may have talked to the most at the event. This person should be someone you handed your resume to and talked to about job applications or an interview.

  • Polite Follow Up

If the person says to email them for a follow up, email them. If they say call, then call. You want to listen to them and do exactly what they said to do.


Remember, the event is in your hands. If you need to take a break and get a breath of fresh air that is fine. You can leave the event and come back when you are ready. These tactics are here to help you succeed!

Good luck!