30-Second Commercial

Our 30-second commercial can be what lands us that interview and job, but how do we do it?

Goal: The goal of the 30-second commercial is to get your listener to say “tell me more.” You must be authentic and compelling and you should also convey what you want, what you can deliver, and what you want your listener to do when you are done talking.

Be Clear and Concise: Your elevator speech must be clear and concise to be effective in the brief amount of time you have to deliver it. For example, “In the two years I’ve been a sales manager at Acme Transportation I have shortened the company’s sales cycle and increased sales by 20 percent. There are process improvements I could make in a director role that would have an even bigger impact.”

Include a Call to Action: Always include a call to action to let the listener know what you want to happen. Ask for an interview to discuss how you would contribute in the position. End with something like, “I’d like to go into further detail about how I could increase sales by at least 15 percent within one year with my sales process. Do you have some time to meet with me this week?” or “I’d like the opportunity to interview for this position.”

Time it: Practice your 30-second commercial by preparing responses to questions such as “Why should I hire you?” and “What exactly do you do for your job?”

Tips: Include something rememberable and different about yourself. Everyone has work experience but not everyone has experience with let’s say alligator wrestling. Something different about yourself could help your interview because they will remember what you have done before you even talk again.